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Rigour and vanguardism for the demanding composer

Master & Postgraduate

The MCIC (Master of Contemporary Instrumental Composition) offers a comprehensive and demanding curriculum designed and taught by an international faculty, specialized in the creation and interpretation of contemporary music.

The main objective is to provide specialized training in contemporary music interpretation, in line with similar existing experiences in other European countries.

We believe in an integrated approach to composition: at first, composition techniques and instrumentation will be dealt with in a diversified way, through the different perspectives and experiences of composers with a strong international track record; moreover, a solid training in applied musicology will confer a philosophical and aesthetic context aiming to give substance to each student’s individual approach; and finally, a close relationship with music interpretation, leading, not only to work with some of the most important performers of the contemporary music scene, but also enabling the rehearsing, interpretation and premiere of works composed during the MCIC. The MCIC is dedicated to graduate composers, but also to composers lacking a high qualification, but possessing a sufficient level of training in the field of contemporary instrumental composition, and with a special interest in this field at a postgradual level.

MCIC is an offer of training at the highest level, with a diversified faculty in its approaches and proposals, a very active artistic life and a creative and professional experience that can be very rewarding for students. It offers the right means to implement the students’ composition projects, in contact with performers who can not only help them improve their projects, but also to open new perspectives of work in the future. In short, it is approached both from the practice of composition and from the individual experiences of teachers and students.

Resolución homologación MCIC

Study guide

I. Instrumental Composition Techniques

  • Contemporary instrumental techniques
  • Analysis
  • Contemporary compositional techniques

II. Sound: Concepts and Form

  • Formalization and musical modeling
  • Microtonality: Concepts, interpretation and perception
  • The voice as a source for instrumental writing
  • Sound-Form
  • Sound Figures: concept and application in the composition
  • Engaged Art and Pure Art

III. Technical and Sound resources in contemporary music

  • Seminar I: Strings
  • Seminar II: Winds
  • SSeminar III: Percussion

IV. Master’s Thesis

  • Individual tutored composition
  • Interpretive and theoretical presentation of several works
  • Presentation of the Master Thesis project


Opening Pre-registration for 2016-2017: March 1, 2016

Those interested should fill out the registration form and send it duly completed together with the required documentation to the e-mail address: Upon receipt of the documentation, applicants will be communicated its receipt and will be informed of the steps required for the entrance exams.

Needed information:

  1. Complete Biography
  2. Recent hotograph in JPG format
  3. Photocopy of ID or Passport
  4. Photocopy of higher level degree
  5. Letter of motivation
  6. Selection of recent works (score + audio)
  7. Pre-registration form

All students must pass a personal interview and be admitted by the direction of master after evaluation of the pre-submitted material. The CSKG will communicate individually with pre-enrolled students to report the selection and enrollment process.

General data

Master in Art Education: Contemporary Instrumental Composition - MCIC

  • Presencial
  • Two weekends monthly from October 2015 to October 2016
  • 60 ECTS
  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Price: 5.000€
  • Director: Alberto Posadas

Addressed to composition graduates and composers aiming to develop their creative work in the field of contemporary instrumental composition.

Payment methods

  • Single payment at the time of enrollment
  • Fractionated payment in 2 installments; the first at the time of enrollment and the second in February of the enrolled course
  • Fractionated payment in 10 monthly installments from September to June of the course enrolled
  • Fractionated payment in 12 monthly installments from July to June of the course enrolled

MCIC Professors

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