We make music, we lead people


The conductor is more than a great connoisseur of musical form, he is responsible for and judged by his ability to lead people, to tackle meticulous work and to become a creator capable of breaking the mould by showing new trends in interpretation within a rigorous mastery of the score and its circumstances.

We take care of all the facets that a conductor has to master in his professional career, from the meticulous to the most abstract vision.

We are committed to the multiplicity of visions and styles so that each student acquires their own musical identity and style based on the knowledge and mastery of their profession.


It includes:

  • 240 ECTS of individual and collective subjects distributed over 4 years


  • It decreases from year to year, but study and rehearsal time increases annually

Absolutely rigorous

  • The CSKG is very strict in the fulfilment of teaching hours, favouring the weekly contact of the student with his or her teacher.
Conducting Syllabus

Admission and enrolment

Information on Entrance Examination

Information on Student Transfers

Once the entrance exam has been passed or the transfer of the transcript has been accepted, the student may proceed to enrol in the corresponding speciality or pathway:

Conditions for enrolment:

  • Submission of all the documentation previously provided by the CSKG, duly completed and signed.
  • Present the proof of payment of the fees for opening a file (form 030) once the course has begun.

Download tutorial 030

General information

Undergraduate Degree in Higher Artistic Education

  • On-site
  • 240 ECTS distributed in 4 academic years 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 36 teaching weeks per academic year
  • Spanish

For further information contact us:

Payments methods:

  • One-off payment at the time of registration
  • Payment by instalments in 2 instalments ; the first at the time of enrolment and the second in February of the enrolled course.
  • Payment in instalments in 10 consecutive monthly instalments from September to June of the enrolled course
  • Payment in instalments in 12 consecutive monthly instalments from July to June of the enrolled course


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