Master of Electroacoustic Music Composition – MCE

Electroacoustic, real-time electronic music, field recordings, algorithmic composition and sound installations

Electroacoustic music, sound, real-time electronic art, field recordings, algorithmic and generative music composition, Max / MSP, SuperCollider, interactive systems, sound installations, improvisation with new technologies.
All these areas are ramifications of an approach to musical creation whose origin is the knowledge of the sound field and the electroacoustic medium.

This training plan combines aesthetic reflections with scientific and technical knowledge in an approach whose ultimate goal is electroacoustic composition. Electrocoustic is understood in a broad sense that includes different creative musical events of our time, such as contemporary composition, experimental music and sonic art.
In addition, the electroacoustic medium allows connections between music and other artistic disciplines such as performance, contemporary dance, film and visual arts, and between the areas of ‘classical’ music and ‘underground’ music. In addition, the knowledge acquired will provide powerful tools for pedagogy, interpretation and musicology.

Study guide

I. Musical creation with new technologies

  • Creation and audio processing in a graphical environment (Max / MSP)
  • Creation and audio processing with programming language (SuperCollider)
  • Computer-assisted algorithmic composition (SuperCollider)

II. Electroacoustic in real time

  • Live electronics (Max / MSP)
  • Improvisation and interpretation with new technologies
  • Interactive systems and sound installations

III. Historical and aethetic subjects

  • History of electroacoustic music
  • Music and technology: aesthetic and critical thinking

IV. Scientific and technical subjects

  • Physical-mathematical foundations of music and sound
  • Recording and mastering techniques for electroacoustic music
  • Technique and practice of field recording

V. Creative projects and interpretation

  • Creating and individual mentored research
  • Creation of works

VI. Research Master Thesis

  • Seminar

Admission and Registration

Opening Pre-registration for 2017-2018: February 1st, 2017

Those interested should fill out the registration form and send it duly completed together with the documentation requested below, to the email address: Upon receipt of the documentation, applicants will be communicated its receipt and will be informed of the steps required for the entrance exams.

Information and documents required:

  1. Complete Biography
  2. Recent photograph in JPG. format
  3. Photocopy of ID or Passport
  4. Photocopy of higher level degree
  5. Letter of motivation
  6. Selection of recent works (where applicable)
  7. Application form

All students must pass also a personal interview by the admissions committee that will evaluate the submitted material as well as the personal profile. The CSKG will communicate individually with pre-enrolled students to report the selection and final registration process.

General data

Master in Art Education: Electroacustic Music Composition - MCE

  • Presencial
  • Two weekends monthly from October 2015 to October 2016
  • 60 ECTS
  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Price: 4.500€
  • Directors: Alberto Bernal y Sergio Luque

Addressed to composers with academic formation or self-taught, experimental musicians, sound artists, interpreters, improvisers, artists and anyone who wants to deepen the processes of sound creation.

Payment methods

  • Single payment at the time of enrollment
  • Fractionated payment in 2 installments; the first at the time of enrollment and the second in February of the enrolled course
  • Fractionated payment in 10 monthly installments from September to June of the course enrolled
  • Fractionated payment in 12 monthly installments from July to June of the course enrolled

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