Postgraduate Diploma in Instrumental Performance

A diploma for active interpreters


A postgraduate programme for performers who wish to continue their solo performance studies intensively combined with the most demanding and advanced stage practice.


Instrument lessons and lessons with repertoire pianist

  • Each student will receive individual instrumental lessons with the teacher/tutor for one academic year. Instrumentalists who require it will have a repertoire pianist for rehearsals and concerts.

Public concerts

  • Participation in at least 2 public concerts in reference venues/auditoriums.

End of Diploma Concert

  • End of Diploma concert, with the possibility of being part of the programme of an international festival cycle, or similar, after selection.

Training Complements

  • Possibility of obtaining complementary training, according to need and upon payment, from among those offered within the Master's Degree in Solo Performance of the CSKG or highly specialised seminars organised by the centre.

Qualification: The Postgraduate Diploma in Instrumental Performance is an own degree programme awarded and endorsed by the Katarina Gurska Higher Centre.

Duration: 1 academic year, extendable up to a maximum of 2 years if the applicant does not meet the final requirements for the presentation of the Diploma Concert.

The award of the Postgraduate Diploma in Instrumental Performance is subject to the satisfactory completion of the following tests:

  1. Satisfactory public performance, during the programme and according to requirements, of a minimum of 2 different musical programmes in recitals or concerts, with the obligation to cover the entire programme of the Diploma Concert in these concerts.
  2. Performance of a complete recital, according to requirements, in the form of an “End of Diploma Concert”.

Diploma requirements

  1. Performance of a freely chosen programme of 90 minutes duration.
  2. Preparation of programme notes and biography of the performer for the recital.
  3. Presentation of a dossier with activities carried out during the course and an audiovisual report of the two concerts through links to Youtube or Vimeo one week prior to the Diploma Concert.
  4. Interview with the examiners post Diploma Concert where all the materials presented and the evolution during the year will be evaluated.

Access, Admission and Enrolment:

There are three ways of access to the Postgraduate Diploma in Instrumental Performance programme:

  1. Accreditation of having completed a Higher Degree in Performance or equivalent.
  2. Accreditation of having completed an official Master’s Degree in Performance or equivalent.
  3. In the case of not being in possession of an official qualification, the candidate must pass a performance test that meets the requirements of length, difficulty and performance equivalent to a higher degree level.

Regardless of access, the candidate must first be admitted by the instrument tutor. In the case of new students, they must either book an individual lesson with the desired tutor or send a link to an audio-visual recording and subsequent assessment interview.  The final admission of the student to the Postgraduate Diploma in Performance is at the discretion of the tutor.

Once the admission process has been completed, the student must register for a full year of the programme. In case of extension and/or extension, the training needs will be calculated on an individual basis.

Enrolment fees

Annual programme fee:

  • Instrumental classes (to choose from):
    • 54h of instrument: 4,050€ +450€ tuition fee
    • 36h of instrument: 2,700€ +450€ tuition fee

Price/additional hour: 80€/h

  • Repertoire with Pianist*
    • 18h: 1,000€

Price/additional hour: 60€/h

*Including concert hours equivalent to 1h for each concert/recital.

Method of payment: 450€ as an tuition fee.
The rest of the registration fee may be paid in 1, 2 or 10 instalments without additional charges.

Training complements:

  • On the basis of need and at the request of each student, there is the possibility of contracting a higher number of individual instrument classes or rehearsals with a pianist, subject to prior consultation and approval.
  • Possibility of taking subjects from the Master’s Degree in Solo Performance, which complement the performer’s training in numerous facets and which will appear on the certificate attached to the Diploma of the Diploma of the Master’s Degree in Piano Performance. For further information, please write to

General information

Postgraduate Diploma in Instrumental Performance

  • Individual instrument and repertoire lessons with pianist
  • Spanish/English
  • CSKG instrument teachers
  • See enrolment options

A postgraduate programme for performers who wish to continue their solo performance studies intensively combined with the most demanding and advanced stage practice.


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