Master in Interdisciplinary Musical Research – MIMI


A research master's degree for professional musicians. Methodologies applied to musicological, analytical, artistic, performative and educational research. It provides the necessary tools to carry out versatile and polyvalent research work, complementary to the graduate's professional work.

Homologation Resolution MIMI


I. Historical Musicological Research

II. Analytical Music Research

III. Performative and Artistic Musical Research

IV. Educational Music Research

V. Methodology of Music Research

VI. Master's Thesis

Admission and enrolment

Permanence and Promotion Regulations

a) Admission Process and Entry Requirements:

  1. Interested candidates must send their candidature attaching their CV and motivation letter for the assessment of the suitability of the profile and pass a personal interview.
  2. Following pre-enrolment, the candidate must provide the official documentation scanned (not photographed) in PDF format and send them by email to
    • Higher Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent (both sides). In case of finishing these studies in the current academic year, send a certificate of current enrolment. *
    • Spaniards: ID (both sides)
    • Foreigners: Passport
  3. After passing the entry requirements for each Master’s programme, the admissions committee will communicate the result to the candidate by e-mail.
  4. If admitted, the candidate will be able to formalise the enrolment by telematic means on the CSKG website following the instructions that will be sent once accepted.

b) Enrolment: 

Once admitted to the Master’s Degree, students may reserve their place by registering through the same platform where they pre-registered. The instructions for enrolment will be sent via email once the access requirements have been met.

The reservation of the place will be guaranteed exclusively upon receipt of the registration fee. This registration fee is non-refundable and includes:

  • Management and processing of academic transcripts and Master’s degree.
  • Fees for the opening of the academic record
  • Academic coordination and production costs for concerts and various performances.

c) Methods of payment:

Once payment of the registration fee has been received, the student may choose one of the following methods of payment to cover the cost of the master’s degree:

  • A Single payment at the time of enrolment. Transfer or direct debit
  • Payment in 2 instalments; the first at the time of enrolment and the second in February of the enrolled course. Transfer or direct debit
  • Payment in 10 consecutive monthly instalments from September to June of the course enrolled. Direct debit
  • Payment in 12 consecutive monthly instalments from September to August of the enrolled course. Direct debit

General information

Official Master's Degree in Higher Artistic Education in Interdisciplinary Musical Research. Equivalent in law and rank to the University Master's Degree, recognised in Spain and corresponding to level 3 of the EU.

  • On-site: 10 months from October to July
  • 2 monthly meetings on weekends
  • 60 ECTS
  • Spanish
  • Director: David Ruiz Molina, Phd.
  • Professors: Alberto Acebes, Anna Vernia, César Viana, David Carabias, David Ruiz, Eva Gancedo, Francisco Álvarez, Inés Monreal, José Luis Parejo, Juan José Pastor, Luis Ángel de Benito, María Luisa Navarro, Nieves Pascual, Paulino Capdepón
  • Price: 5,500€ + 300€ tuition fee


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