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The Master in Solo Performance, MIS is a program aimed at training concert performers as soloists for all instruments of the symphony orchestra. The curriculum focuses on solo performance and soloist repertoire with orchestra. It includes innovative subjects that, when applied personally, are necessary tools to turn the performer into a true professional, providing a higher dimension to what has been previously studied. We also delve into the research facet of the performer, providing him/her with the essential resources for future professional and doctoral responsibilities. The wide range of prestigious interpreters and professors guarantees the quality of a unique Master's Degree in Europe.

MIS students have a platform for public presentation of concerts in prestigious venues inside and outside the Community of Madrid, as well as multiple opportunities to collaborate transversally with the rest of the Master's programs and the CSKG.

Homologation Resolution

Study guide

I. Practical and Theoretical Resources for Instrumental Solo Performance

  • Solo Repertoire
  • Soloist Repertoire with Orchestra
  • Instrumental Performance Technical Resources

II. Theoretical Foundations of Solo Music Performance

  • History of interpretative aesthetics
  • Theory and analysis of musical performance: resources, documentation, methodologies

III. The Soloist and his Environment

  • Dramatic Art applied to musical interpretation
  • Awareness and movement through music
  • Techniques for scenic control
  • Personal management and promotion of a solo performer

IV. Master Thesis project

  • Final Master recital
  • Justification and defense of the Master's Thesis

International Festivals:

As part of the Master’s program, students will have the opportunity to participate as soloists in the following international festivals:

  • #KlassicFest
  • Matinés Musicales
  • Noches del Real Sitio
  • Caprichos del Romanticismo

In addition, they will be able to take part in the Escenario Joven concert series that take place in different cultural centers of the Madrid City Council or in concerts and recitals in different prestigious halls inside and outside the Community of Madrid.

Soloist Competition:

Every year, the Katarina Gurska Foundation calls a soloist competition for the Master’s students to select those performers who will have the privilege of performing as soloists in front of their orchestral ensembles.

Admission and enrolment

Permanence and Promotion Regulations

a) Admission Process:

  1. Pre-registration for official Master’s degrees must be done through our academic platform by clicking on the ” Pre-enrolment” button.

  2. Following the pre-enrolment, the candidate must provide the official documentation scanned (not photographed) in PDF format and sent via email to

    • Higher Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent (both sides). In case of finishing these studies in the current academic year, send a certificate of current enrolment. 

    • Spanish students: DNI (both sides)
    • International students: Passport
  3. After fulfilling the entry requirements for each Master’s programme, the admissions committee will communicate the result to the candidate by e-mail.

  4. If admitted, the candidate will be able to register online at the CSKG website following the instructions that will be sent once accepted.

b) Entry requirements for the MIS:

  1. Full biography
  2. Admission by the tutor teacher by means of an interpretation test. The CSKG will coordinate the individual test depending on the availability of both parties. 

Send to

Once the application has been evaluated, the CSKG will contact the pre-registered students individually to inform them of the selection and enrollment process. 

c) Enrolment: 

Once admitted to the Master’s Degree, students may reserve their place by formalising their enrolment. The instructions will be sent via email once the access requirements have been met.

The reservation of the place will be guaranteed exclusively upon receipt of the registration fee. This registration fee is non-refundable and includes:

  • Management and processing of academic transcript and Master’s degree.
  • Fees for the opening of the academic record
  • Academic coordination and production costs for concerts and various performances.

d) Payment methods

Once payment of the registration fee has been received, the student may choose one of the following methods of payment to cover the cost of the master’s degree (the technology pack is not included):

  • Single payment at the time of enrolment. Transfer or direct debit.
  • Payment in 2 instalments; the first at the time of enrolment and the second in February of the enrolled course. Transfer or direct debit.
  • Payment in 10 consecutive monthly instalments from September to June of the enrolled course. Direct debit.
  • Payment in 12 consecutive monthly instalments from September to August of the enrolled course. Direct debit.

General data

Master in Solo Performance - MIS

  • On-site: 12 months from September to September
  • 2 monthly meetings on weekends
  • 60 ECTS
  • For symphony orchestra instruments, piano and accordion
  • Spanish
  • Director: Katarina Gurska
  • Price: 7,300 € + 500€ (registration fee)

Aimed at performers aspiring to achieve a top-level career as professional soloists


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